Fracking, A Warriors Call.

What’s in a song? In this case, the whole planet at stake.

We were alarmed by the hundreds of hours of footage from local and national campaigners in the USA and Australia. When you have seen taps spitting fire, animals on land and in rivers dying, with countless cases of illness in communities near drilling wells, the time to just watch has to be over.

In much larger countries and continents, there are also many drilling units by the hundreds, all in extracton grids. In the UK, there are not these vast expanses of hundreds of square miles before a commmunity may be nearby, we have no deserts and plains that go on for hundereds of miles with hardly any population. You are never far away from a significant town in the United Kingdom.

It’s bad enough knowing that even in the remote areas of the larger continents, the evidence for toxins and radiation in the water table have all got to go somewhere and most cetainly have, with uncertainty about where the dirty water left over has finally ended up.Sooner or later it will come out of the ground or into the rivers in the short, medium and long term. Evidence of rivers made biologically uninhabitable and the most obvious bad colours have appeared in countless major states and counties, including out of control wells that have needed shutting down.

The UK is visited not just for the history of ancient sites, but many local and international tourists are enlightened or already aware of our sacred wells that have provided the water for those settlements to have flourished in the first instance. We also have a water table that is filled by rainwater and relies on underground aquifer supplies. Our government has just cancelled green subsidies to substantially boost solar energy both for personal conversion, solar panel parks and wind farms often struggle to get planning permission.

We have levies on plastic bags for the first time, increased vehicle ommision taxes that still do not go near enough to discourage the largest car engines, whilst at the same time, a government that could have spent the money being allocated to one high speed rail line could have spent that same cash on reopening hundreds of miles of local railways that should never have closed in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Dirty energy or brown energy as it is known by some, is still a long way off from being phased out compared to targets by some European regions or districts. We also have very concerned local communites and councils that have decided not to allow Hydraulic Fracturing or similar processes, to then find that the central U.K. government has listened far more to stocks and shares and big business collegues and friends, in seeking to overide councils decisions.

It’s not just the process of fracking in the short,meduim and long term seepage into the environment, but the simple fact that such a small island has no hiding place from the toxins being able to move easily and quickly to take away our basic right to clean and safe water. In some cases, we have even had our first earthquakes in a set of isalnds that is geographically known for just mild tremors compared to the seismic activity in places such as the West Coast of the USA or New Zealand.

One person remarked to me “That’s O.K. If the springs and wells and tap water get poisonous, we can all drink bottled water instead.” Now read the label. “Bottled at source from a spring in the (insert a UK town here) hills.” Even the richest business and multi-millionaires will not have an inexhaustable supply. Sooner or later , clear water will run out for everyone and signs of nature recovering and water retuning to a non-toxic state do not show any signs of anywhere near a return needed, to supply our great grandchildren with a clean source returning once again.

We already have the means to produce glass that can generate energy from sunlight through it and great scientists such as Tesla had already shown the inventive inspiration for other to follow in providing not fantasy, but a true reality of a zero carbon power source for every home.This is in addition to not enough being done to get all homes in the UK with some panels on every roof of every home.

Gas pipe networks also need perpetual renewal of ageing supply routes from main pipelines to connections to domestic homes and businesses. The investment forecast for gas extraction is not looking good and even where a profit from destroying the earth and water has been made, there is stil the chance those able to pay dividends will have to hand this back in compensation claims to personal and larger consumers, as farmland and health fail. We all need water and the irony is that so much clean water is used in the first instance to get the process of fracking to ‘work’ in the first place, taking yet more precious water away from people before it then comes out as toxic and radioactive (yes, really).

This is why you can see so many people out there that have given up so much time and energy to protest at national and local level and at prospective drilling sites proposed or testing at this current time. This includes so many people that even if not able to stay on location with these amazing close communities of all walks of life and ages, are certainly there on special focus days or marches. Also found are regional and national groups and so many helpers are there raising funds by producing clothing and also dropping off all mannner of supplies to keep the core demonstators going with food,clothes, water and other items.

We were amazed by the support and a couple of years ago, witnessed the amazing resillience and determination of consistent and peaceful protest at locations such as Balcombe, Horse Hill, Upton, Crawberry Hill, Barton Moss and many others that have either succeeded in persuading the local powers to not allow consent for fracking to take place.

It was the pagan and druid love for the elements of air, fire, earth and water joined with the spirit of hundreds of active supporters of this fragile earth that have been there in the communities and I urge everyone to support, by lobbying and writing or turning up at locations, even if it’s just for an hour to drop off some water and some fresh fruit and vegetables at sites.  This is where you’ll find supporters of every kind and walk of life, who  are there helping to make that dfference and also educate with leaflets and education points on location.

We already have plastic filling up in our oceans which are suffering from a growing pollution sickness, if we allow the land we stand on to tip over into the same direction, there will be less and less clean water that will be able to rain from the sky as the cycle of the clouds to the land to the sea gets ever more threatened with poisonous effects.

It would have been easy to have recorded our first album with songs of spiritual inspiration and perhaps legends but it felt so right to include a song on fracking and to declare against it. When we came into contact with our pagan friends of like minds, at places such as, a second song was made on the same theme with a longer message and longer running time. It’s an anthem to those that already know and we hope that our message and song,  inspired by all the people by this group will continue to also add more to the cause. Fracking is so immediately adverse in it’s permeating effect on communities (see the Gasfields documentary) that no one can afford to shrug it off.

This is not a “Phew, at least not in my lifetime, I’ll be long gone by then” situation. For those that have made it difficult or obstructive to allow protest to peacefully be made, by tearing down temporary camps and trivial and unwarrented arrests, I wish all those that think they are on the ‘winning side’ against the protesters could be shown a world where they have won.

If only we could have a Dr.Who type jump 15 years into their ‘we won’ future, where they have to come home and face their families? Imagine the scene, waiting for a tanker lorry to deliver the rationed clear water and remembering when there was enough of it to still take a shower…and when the use of that garden sprinkler didn’t kill off the vegetables and grass? “Dad, when I was younger, my friends said you were on the TV and removing those people that cared about the water. Why?” Unfortunately we do not have this as a real warning we can use outside science fiction, but do we need that? Facts, we are surrounded by them, including some suprising sources of a vote of not confidence in the process.

Insurance companies arealready showing signs of not wanting to insure homes and businesses in a fracking zone, even ones just marked as on a prospecting proposal map. House prices have also notably decreased as drilling sites have been propsed right next to schools and estates.

So take the Warriors Call, for fracking must fall. Do find out more.











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