Festivals and gigs

Would you like to see us at your festival, conference or event? Now we have a full set list, we would like to hear from you.

A third album is in the planning which will take us through the seasons of the year. Our first album was a mixture of songs from mystery lights to sacred places and stones.

The second album ‘Avalon’ took us to 12 sound portraits of Glastonbury and surround areas. We wanted to do something in the present in the town, with the crystal shops, celebrations of all the things that go on in the evening. There’s the songs of lesser known places in addition to the more famous landmarks, such as Brides Mound and the often overlooked but equally fascinating White spring, right next door to the Chalice Well.

We’re just finishing off the Avalon video, as we realised we hadn’t actually done a track of us actually moving and the videos on our You Tube site were mostly pictures of places by ourselves, or in the case of the Warriors Call video, a special fracking song, with footage specially used with permisssion.

So with a full set list, we now get out there. If you would like to see the Dancing Hares play at an event you like or attend, please do let them know about us 🙂

Wishing our followers a great Ostara passing into warmer days in the Northern Hemisphere.

/|\ Blessings to you from

Matt at Avalon Mural                     High Rocks Small 2

Matt                                                           &                           Carrie







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