New tunes! New videos!

We have been busy putting the last scenes together for the Avalon video to round off the production cycle for the album of the same name. A video was made to tie in with footage from past Glastonbury Beltane celebrations and our song about the celebrations in the town. You can see this video on our You Tube site here:

Dancing Hare music videos

You’ll also find three guitar solos written recently by Matt. One’s an arrangement of “Oh, the Oak and the Ash”, a tradition song and there are two brand new tunes, Galliard for King Arthur and Lady of the Fountain. Inspired by all the Arthurs in time and also the stories from the Mabinogion.

Gig coming up at Halstead on 22nd March in Halstead, Essex, the Wild Warriors Beltane Picnic.

Social media is proving frustrating at the moment, as certain sites want to make you fork out a small fortune to get your music further out there. Although some sites are great to connect on a personal level, we are realising that a like of a page doesn’t necessarily mean that they have clicked the option to receive updates from you, which can make you look as if you are not doing anything as the information is not reaching the interested audience. It certainly isn’t a level playing field when you are up against record company budgets boosting out reach with hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Out there we shall go, to make sure we are known 🙂

Best wishes to all our supporters and friends as we head towards Beltane.

Matt and Carrie

April 2016





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