Beltane and beyond

matt at high rocks.We played our first gig at the recent 8thBeltane Wild Warrior event in Hadleigh, Essex and it was great to get the songs out of the rehearsal room and recording studio and finally go live. Our PA system did well and we would like to thank Denny and Steve Bottley for the opportunity to perform. We are going to do a full set next, with a local event. Both albums are on live stream on International Pagan Radio and also Ravengrove Radio, plus local radio interest.

I uploaded three guitar solos on You Tube to show another side to us, with a traditional guitar solo arrangement of O, The Oak and the Ash and two original instrumental tracks, A Galliard for King Arthur, composed in the style of a lute piece and a Mabinogion inspired extended tune, based on the story of the Lady and the Fountain.

A song has also recently been uploaded based on the ongoing problems with parking charges and access at Stonehenge, already restricted to the two equinox and solstice times as the only short durations you can enter the inner circle (except for private paid access).

Although it is good to write songs on places, spritual, magic and legends, we will also turn our attention to pagan and druid causes or injustices, such as fracking, oppresion or ignorance of pagan beliefs and freedoms.

The Glastonbury Beltane song got some great footage donated to help make it into a full video and we always wanted to share our amazement of the day in 2012-3 , when we were on holiday there and …well, play the video and you’ll see why šŸ™‚ Whilst on our channel, do subscribe and you’ll then get an alert when we upload a new song.

We will be finishing the Avalon video so that we have moving footage to joing the title track from our album of the same name.

Album number three? The debut album had a very diverse songwriting arena, from sacred stones to strange lights, lost lands and legendary birds. This was a deliberate Pot Pourri to show what was going to follow in the future and expand further. The second album painted a sound portrait of Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon and it has been well received and got a whole radio show spotlighting the album and stories behind the places. We were a little apprehensive, as this was a whole CD based on one specific location. We are glad we took in the whole area, as some people thanked us as they hadn;t heard of Gog and Magog (the ancient trees at the foot of the Tor) or Brides Mound, where many travellers landed from a boat journey when Avalon was still an island.

Album three will be spiritual journey that drives pagans and druids the world over.

The next blog will see the first song emerge, although there is a clue in the first album.

Next update after the passing of the Solstice at the end of June. See you then and of course, there will be news and updates via our website at and /DancingHareMusic




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