Debbie Jary: Our new lead vocalist!


Hi, Debbie here. I am the new vocalist for Dancing Hare. I have been following the pagan pathways for the last 13 years, starting off in Wicca, then migrating over to druidry for the last 4 or 5 years. I am studying the OBOD course, but have not yet taken my bardic grade – life always seems to get in the way! – but when one of my eisteddfod entries at our Anderida gorsedd was voted best, I became chief bard of anderida for the year. That gave me the confidence to apply for the position of vocalist when I saw one advertised on Facebook – the rest is history!

My background in music is with woodwind, studying the flute up to Grade 7 and getting to a level where I was comfortable to be able to play pretty much what I wanted. The singing side has always been just me singing in the car to Damh the Bard or Heather Alexander, but Matt and Carrie seem to like what they hear, so I hope you do, too.

Matt writes ” We had a very good first practice and have already started working on the existing set list and also Debbie will be contributing her songs to the third album. Able to sing some of our favorite pagan artists with ease, Debbie has perfect pitch and can sing back new melodies and hear her own tunes from  within her own bardic skills. I am also over the moon with being able to increase my guitar dexterity to live accompianment and power up more with Carrie in the backing side and exchanging instrumental lines.

We’ll also be doing live recordings of songs from the first two albums so that they can be heard in a totally new way on stage and with Debbies new take on all the songs from “Avalon” and “Dancing Hare” recordings.

Carrie is delighted with Debbie’s flute skills and pagan interests, which means that Dancing Hare can now add these sounds to the group, in addition to piano, guitars, bass, percussion and both of them play a different set of tribal flutes too.

We’ll let you know when the first gig is going to be as a trio, but it will not be long as Debbie is already working on our current set list.

Welcome aboard Debbie and this exciting new direction of Dancing Hare!


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