Album three closer to release


I’m laying down all the final versions of the guitar parts this week and then Carrie is adding violin early into the next one. We have all the lyrics, melodies, instrumentals finalised on every song. Ten tracks which have very catchy melodies we hope you will join with us, not just on the album but live too.

We’ve also got a new powerful PA system and for album three, the drums, bass and other instruments are already recorded. Debbie will then join us to sing over all the prepared melodies she’s formed already and so once the vocals are added, there will just be so work on any remaining fills and harmonies from the instruments where appropriate.

On this album, it’s quite different from the last two, as we can technically widen our instrumental backing live and recorded too, as the whole dynamics and part change as a trio. The first album had a little from history such as the lost land that joined Albion to Europe only a few millenia ago, a song about a hare, a raven, two sacred sites, two campaign songs, mystery lights and a heart lifting song  for the darkest winter days. The second album was a musical sketchbook of the well-loved and not so famous places in Glastonbury and surrounding areas. We did a light bit of live footage amongst images for the title track ‘Avalon’ and one of the Tor which you can find on You Tube via our video page on the

Album three has more songs about the seasons and celebrates more in our pagan and druid ways, including an anthem ‘To be pagan’ and a different take on the John Barleycorn ballad.

We’ll let you know more about the songs in early September and some previews 🙂





Three hares on their way

Dancing Hare at Longman 31st July Copyright Valentina Barnardi

photograph used by kind permission of Valentina Bernardi

We have been busy working on chords and backings throughout July into August for Debbie’s songs in addition to preparation rehearsing the current repertoire, including our songs from the Debut album and the Avalon album.

Five songs now have full structure and finalised melodies to them and we also gave a one song performance of Debbie’s John Barleycorn song. Carrie and Matt were stuck in traffic and then took a wrong turn and couldn’t get to the Long Man of Wilmington in time but made it to the circle in time before Dave Smith (Damh the Bard) closed the circle and there was a suggestion to go and play the song down at the pub as a three-piece, after Debbie had sung unaccompanied at the Andereida pagan meet for Lughnasadh (Lammas). It was a fantastic day and we had the best weather that day, as it was not sunny anymore 24 hours later.

The fields leading up to the Longman were abundant with harvest corn and we saw harvesting lower down and it was great to be surrounded by the ripe but uncut fields so close to the circle. We have fallen in love with this place, it has a special peace and calm and no surprise in how Damh and Cerri have found this the perfect place for not just celebrations throughout the year, but many choose to be handfasted there and other special life moments.

Dancing Hare at Longman July 2016

So off we go to the pub and after a discreet word with the landlady, we played the Barleycorn together informally and in a lovely laid back atmosphere and so we did get to play it after all after all the traffic delays earlier on in the day. Our first song as a trio and friend of ours took a picture. It was also great to play to Damh, as he’s a direct influence and inspiration for our footsteps into pagan music, bardic approaches to songwriting and through his working and playing with other musicians over many years. We were very inspired by a gig he did in Glastonbury in 2013 which also lead to joining the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

In the South and South East, we did often see that people were prepared to travel quite a considerable distance to meet at the Longman, whether it be at a celebration, as part of a Gorsedd or just simply to walk amongst the abundant powdery chalk footsteps made into paths of the South Downs that are part of this special place.

So on we go towards this new album, we’re all very excited by the way they are all forming and all will start to show themselves as we head closer to the Autumn.

Lets raise a glass of mead to those that inspire, new friends and new paths and directions.

Our best wishes to you  and wishing a glorious transition from harvest time to the ripening of the berries as we head towards the Autumn Equinox.


from Dancing Hare.