Pagan album, it’s nearly here

Wow!  I am now officially a singer/songwriter!

I always wanted to be a singer but never had the confidence to go for it or the opportunity to do anything about it.  I guess it must have been meant to be,  since everything fell into place without me even trying.

It is such a weird feeling knowing that in a short time, an album of songs that I wrote,  and with me singing on them,  will be available for anyone to buy, and soon the songs that have only ever been in my head will soon be in other peoples heads as they listen to it.

I am very excited about this,  as it’s my first album,  even though it’s Dancing Hare’s third. The weirdest thing will be the first time I hear someone singing or humming one of my songs.

I think that is when it will sink in that my songs are actually out there, and people are buying them. All I can say is,  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating and singing them.

Blessed be.

Debbie Jary

September 2016