Happy Solstice, thank you and new music

Dancing Hare wish you a great solstice, yule and prosperous new year.

Best wishes for 2017 from Debbie, Carrie and Matt


Thanks to all of you that gave a huge thumbs up for the Yule video. At the time of writing of this it had gone up to 18,000 Facebook video plays! Please do have a look the whole album and our back catalogue, which you can jump to from the shop button on our http://www.facebook.com/DancingHareMusic   or direct at http://www.dancinghare.bandcamp.com (CD and digital).

As a relatively new music group, we also wish to give thanks to Damh the Bard, Dave Smith, for sharing our To Be Pagan track on his druidcast episode no.117,(via http://www.paganmusic.co.uk for all 117 episode to date, great radio shows)  which this time comes from the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (OBOD) winter gathering in Glastonbury.

‘To be pagan’ has also just gone up to 4000 plays. The tracks have not been promoted on our you tube site and have lower plays but do have a look there, as they are in better quality.

We saw Damh play on the huge stage at Witchfest 2016, the first time in Brighton and the sound system, performance and lighting was all excellent, plus all those amazing other groups and lectures.

The third album PAGAN has now been released and with two videos and now a very exciting announcement.pagan-album-front-with-text


We are recording the first album again, with Debbie taking over the vocals and Matt has completely rescored the parts, each track will sound quite different.

We listened to the first album reviews and there were some that said they would like a higher voice and then of course, we were so happy when Debbie joined us on the recent album.

The other request was for a LIVE sound rather than the usual track layers in a standard recording. We are going to record the debut album and this time, have a couple of live videos, location ones and this album will be just like we are playing in a venue, a live studio album,without multitrack or extra instrument parts.

“Three hares: LIVE! coming soon!three_hares_by_carriephlyons

Recording will be done in stages and the working title of “Three hares” and this will give a completely new line up and feel to the original first songs we did. Keep watching for updates on the Facebook page. We are now getting ready to play out there far more and gigs will be happening from March 2017. If you like what you have heard from us, please do contact us directly if you would like us to be at a moot, gathering, festival, conference or similar. Contact us directly as we do not use an agent and say hello!







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