Gigs and new songs 2017

We are under full way with performances this year, go and see our facebook page for events listing or the main website at

There is a new two sets of albums happening at the same time with composing of melodies already starting to Debbie’s bardic journies.

Gods & Goddesses will encompass many key ancient and influential powers of them in our early and more recent pagan and druid evolution and paths.

A title yet to emerge will be for the five elements and as with the ‘Gods’ album, there will be room for more songs not directly related so we maintain diversity for you on each album. Recording will start in early summer, we are already up to 12 of 20 songs appoximately spanning the two albums. Which one will be out first, the creative process will decide and we’ll keep you posted.

It’s really great ot now be out as a trio playing more than ever, wether it be at a local moot or a larger staged event, camp or festival. Give us a ring or drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

Dancing hare studio


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