Matt and Carrie formed Dancing Hare in 2013 and produced and released the debut album in 2014, with the Avalon album released in 2015. We became a trio when Debbie Jary joined us in 2016, with the Pagan album as her debut with her songwriting skills adding to diversity of the group. We are a mixture of vocals, guitars, string, woodwind, keyboard and other instruments. Songs are all original and based on inspiration or reflection in repsect of pagan, druidic and other spiritual pathways. Members of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) ,our debut album is named after us and available on CD and digital platforms via the music purchase page. You can find us on iTunes, Amazon and for CD versions and forthcoming meets and gigs, visit This is our accompanying blog for updates on a regular basis on articles not just related to our music, but places and spiritual thoughts that weave through our life and not just our music. We are regularly played on International Radio stations.

Avalon Album insideDSC00048

Matt and Carrie Lyons                                     Debbie Jary


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